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Visit to “Zuhair Alazdy Primary School” for Displaced students 5 Jan 2015

Dr. Sattar ( representative of IEEE Iraq section ) with some Section members visited the " Zuhair Alazdy Primary School" opened for the displaced students of the displaced families from ( TelAfar, Ninewa, Tikrit, and Baghdad). The main aim of this visit was to spent a time with these students, and to help them in removing some pains and sadness they feel it and have it due to catastrophic environments they passed in the past 7 months. Also one other aim was to encourage them to don’t leave the study, and to get the knowledge, because it will be a good weapons against ISISterrorisms forces

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Scientific visit to Engineering College – Razi University related to the aspect of Holding the Int. Conf. at 8 Feb. 2015

Representative of IEEE Iraq Section ( Dr. Sattar ) continue his meetings with the Computer Engineering Dept. - Engineering College – Razi University , to discuss the aspect of the conference, and the following important points:                                                                                                           - Possibilities of Contribution in Scientific and TPC of the conference.                                                   - Using the EDAS as management System for the conference.                                                                 - Importance of holding such International Conference with cosponsor of the IEEE.                             - The importance of submitting the accepted papers into IEEExplore

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Scientific Visit to Razi University – Kermenshah – Iran at 7 Feb. 2015

Representative of IEEE Iraq section (Dr. Sattar B. Sadkhan) visited Razi University – Kermenshah city – Iran. After signing the MoU with the Science College – Waset university for the International conference to be hold at Nov. 2015. Dr. Sattar travel to Razi university to discuss the aspect of this MoU with the Science college of Razi University. Dr. Hamid Alizadeh the dean of International Relations office discuissed the aspect of the conference , and the required steps to organize the conference, and what is requested from Razi side for such International cooperation

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Meeting in Science College- University of Technology 5 Feb. 2015

Representative of IEEE Iraq section ( Prof. Dr. Sattar B. sadkhan) hold meeting with the dean of Science College- Waset university at 5 Feb. 2015. The main topics discussed with this meeting was the possibility of signing the local ( MoU) for cosponsoring the International conference. This conference well be organized by the Waset university ( science college) and the ( Razi University – Science College) in Kermanshah – Iran. The local MoU was signed by the two representatives of both side.

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Scientific Workshop Wasit University Science College 5 Feb. 2015

Representative of IEEE Iraq section hold scientific workshop with the Science College – Wasit University in 5 Feb. 2015. The main topics of this workshop are:                                                           - How to hold International conference co-sponsored with IEEE.                                                           - The suitable management Systems for submitting and reviewing the papers of the conference.           - The suitable approaches for scientific cooperation between IEEE Iraq section and the Science College

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Visit to " Institute of Industrial Research and Development at 4 Feb. 2015

Representative of IEEE Iraq Section ( Prof. Dr. Sattar B. Sadkhan) visited the “ Institute of Industrial Research and Developments- IIRD” at Ministry of Industry and Minerals in Baghdad city. The main aim of this visit was to continue the program f the scientific cooperation among Iraqi Universities and IIRD. There was discussions about the possibilities of holding workshop for “ Robotic Design”. MoU was signed between ( IIRD) and Iraq section about the incoming scientific activities that will be hold within IIRD

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First Scientific workshop for the students branch of HUD at 27 Jan 2015

The First Scientific Activity of the Student Branch of HUD- Sulimanie City in Kurdistan Region of IRAQ is hold at the end of January 2015. This activity is very important one, since it establish a good path for the student activities with the Academic area inside IRAQ

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